1. 50 ♪

    i reached two major milestones recently: 3,000 beautiful followers and 50 playlists. this is a playlist of 50 of my favourite songs from 50 of my favourite artists. in my personal opinion these are great songs to write to, so hopefully they can provide you with some inspiration.

    1. bright eyes ladder song 2. the rocket summer never knew 3. olly murs just smile 4. motion city soundtrack resolution 5. everclear wonderful 6. two door cinema club eat that up, it’s good for you 7. analog rebellion i am a ghost (artifact) 8. jimmy eat world big casino 9. the naked and famous punching in a dream 10. third eye blind semi-charmed life 11. the used lunacy fringe 12. ed sheeran sofa 13. fall out boy sophomore slump or comeback of the year 14. sleigh bells comeback kid 15. my chemical romance famous last words 16. owl city hello seattle 17. say anything cemetery 18. morrissey let me kiss you 19. lana del rey radio 20. macy gray sail (awolnation cover) 21. the summer set where are you now 22. young the giant cough syrup 23. miniature tigers cannibal queen 24. anthony green blood song 25. savage garden crash and burn 26. panic! at the disco northern downpour 27. awolnation not your fault 28. melanie martinez seven nation army (the white stripes cover) 29. death cab for cutie marching bands of manhattan 30. lissy trullie ready for the floor (hot chip cover) 31. the academy is… attention 32. johnny cash the man comes around 33. mgmt kids 34. tlc creep 35. lights banner 36. tears for fears mad world 37. maria mena your glasses 38. escape the fate friends and alibis 39. sublime santeria 40. alanis morissette head over feet 41. the cure why can’t i be you? 42. marina & the diamonds i am not a robot 43. hot chip wrestlers 44. mumford & sons awake my soul 45. of monsters & men little talks 46. the spill canvas the tide 47. playradioplay! complement each other like colors 48. fun. at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be) 49. frank ocean thinkin bout you 50. ke$ha goodbye

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